Our Vision

Gratitude leads to a vision of getting the product to be recognized by everyone.

With love from the heart and gratitude a mission is created.

With gratitude as our mission, we have promoted an unknown brand to a reputable brand of joint care .

product in Asia.To date, we have tens of thousands of customers. Dotdot is recognized as the leading brand in German collagen.

Gratitude is the core value of doddot.. We aim to promote healthy living and motivate dreams come true. We care about the lesser community in education, health and welfare helping those who need our service and support them through charity and sponsorship.

The Story of Dotdot

Dotdot founder, Danny Tsang, worked as a product designer for 23 years. He was very devoted in 3D design and worked incessantly, without paying attention to day or night. As a result, in 2012, he had problem with the hip joint and could not even stand up. Fortunately, German collagen enabled him to regain mobility and walked again. Feeling grateful, he changed his career and promoted the product hoping to share it with as many as possible.

Best Seller

Joints Health

Dotdot.. German Collagen, No.1 reputation, repairs joints cartilage. Focuses on old injuries and soreness, recommended by physical therapists, made in Germany, water-soluble, easy absorption, very effective.

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Treats Three H

dotdot..Liquid Silicon 丨All Natural,Revascularization ,Lower Three-Hypers

【There will be no pain when there is no obstruct in your blood vessels】

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Treats Insomnia

dotdot.. German Apple Maintain and Protect Your Health, good quality sleep!

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Beautiful . Young

dotdot.. German Collagen EX 丨From inside to out, replenish collagen to keep skin looking young and firm .    

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Freckles and Liver Health

dotdot.. German Marks Organic, reduces freckles and liver protection ,Free of Impurities All natural 

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Very Effective

dotdot.. Glacier Spray Moisturises in 1 second, tones in 2 seconds and absorbed in 3 seconds,Effective and convenient! Suitable anytime.

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Quality Promises

Food safety requirements

We rigorously follow the food safety standards, ensuring all our products meet the strict requirements of quality.

Quality Control

From choosing ingredients, processing, storage to transportation, we keep our strict quality control.

Every batch of our exported products needs to declare quality certifications from German health organizations.
We rigorously follow the food safety standards, ensuring all our products meet the strict requirements of quality.

We acquired various certifications including FSSC 22000 Global Standards certification, DQS-UL Management
Certification, German Bioland organic certification, GMP and SGS, with yearly renewal, we follow strict standards

Contact us

Asian office, district agent, distribution and retails.

Dotdot Asia Ltd
Rm G, 24/F, Seabright Plaza, 23 Shell Street, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong.
Enquiry hotline: +852 2838 7708
Whatapps:+852 6227 6040
Office hour:
Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm
Close on Sat, Sun and public holiday.

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YATA Tai PO丨1/F, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, 8 On Pong Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong (Health Labo)
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